New Boat Construction

Build the perfect boat

New Boat Construction

Build the perfect boat

John Williams Boat Company is a Maine-based custom builder. In recent years, we’re excited to be collaborating with Doug Zurn of Zurn Yacht Design in Marblehead, Massachusetts, to create designs that meld the graceful style, elegant amenities, and ease of operation we’re known for with modern performance characteristics and power packages. Our heritage models, standard-bearers in the industry, are also available for new boat construction.

Designed by Lyford Stanley. These models are grounded in the traditional Maine lobster boat style, a working vessel known far and wide for its stable, sea-kindly ride, even in choppy conditions. We leveraged the platform to create a gracious yacht that will carry you smoothly, swiftly, and stylishly along the coast.

“Custom” is the operative word in our yard. Few of our parts are pre-formed. Most are made individually, with your specific new boat construction requirements and personal needs in mind.

Our boats offer the ideal combination of form and function. We specialize in joining molded fiberglass hulls and superstructures with cabins finished in fine wood while incorporating contemporary performance concepts. This approach leverages the best of all worlds.

Fiberglass molds easily, creating a graceful hull while providing strength, durability, low maintenance, and economy. However, nothing compares with the warmth of wood’s glow for onboard accommodations, the “friendliness” of its touch. All interior finish work is done to the highest yacht standards.

Unlike other yards that offer cabin soles in plywood veneer, we craft and lay individual teak pieces splined together with T-shaped sections of holly. This approach evokes a sense of old-time yachting elegance that has all but disappeared from today’s cruising grounds. In the same spirit, we customize our distinctive vessels to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Half of all the hulls we’ve built since 1972 are owned by commercial fishers. That’s a powerful endorsement of our models’ safety in open waters, sea-kindliness, and durability. We don’t build for the latest trendy fashions.

We offer classic lines along with engineering and construction integrity.
We also welcome the opportunity to build an all-wooden boat or a one-off sailboat. If you prefer, we can also build a powerboat or another design.

Williams 29

Outboard Power in an Elegant Dayboat.

Our new Williams 29 is the perfect package of elegance and performance. An open, outboard-powered, center-console dayboat combines graceful lines with modern components and an updated powerplant. Designed in collaboration with Doug Zurn of Zurn Yacht Design, in Marblehead, Massachusetts, we had a vision for a smaller dayboat that would embody the “right” charm and … Read More

Williams 38

A hybrid of Downeast Superstructure & a Go-fast Hull.

In 2016, we embarked on an exciting project with the construction of a new Williams 38. This was a takeoff of our Stanley 38. Like all of our Stanley lines, this model was popular in large part because of its attractive Downeast style. A customer was looking to combine that classic look with a speedy power … Read More

Somes Sound 26

An eye-catching open launch.

The “Open Launch” configuration of the Somes Sound 26 diverges from the more extensive accommodations we offer in our larger vessels. The design was based on the Old Port 26 Marine Launch hull. A 1980s semi-displacement classic with a graceful shear, flared bow, and wide beam carried to the transom is roomy and easily driven. Our hull … Read More

Stanley 28

A splendid, small day boat with overnight accommodations.

The Stanley 28 is solidly constructed throughout, from the proven unidirectional fiberglass hull to her mahogany and teak joinery work. Powered by either a gas or diesel engine, the 28 has a quiet, soundproofed, wet-muffler stern exhaust system. Take the ST 28 out for a spin and be back in plenty of time for the … Read More

Stanley 36

The perfect picnic boat, overnighter, & weekend coastal cruiser.

The Stanley 36 is our flagship, a perfect blend of a rugged hull, beautifully crafted accommodations, and comfortable amenities. The Stanley 36 was inspired by the Maine lobster boat, a working vessel that is known far and wide for its stable, sea-kindly ride, even in choppy conditions. We leveraged the platform to create a gracious yacht … Read More

Stanley 38

A traditional hull for gracious cruising & overnight accommodations.

The Stanley 38 evolved from our Stanley 36, the company’s flagship when one of our customers wanted more room in the forecastle. Rather than designing an entirely new mold, we extended the Stanley 36 by adding 36 inches right in the middle of the hull. The extension lengthens and accentuates the original Stanley 36 sheer … Read More

Stanley 39

A comfortable, workboat-tough, & sea kindly long-distance cruiser.

A comfortable long-distance cruiser that is workboat-tough and sea kindly. From stem to stern, this handsome extension of our Stanley 36, the company’s flagship, is a wonderful marriage of traditional lobster boat and refined cruising yacht. True to its solid Down East pedigree, its design is clean, functional, and beautiful. This model was designed with comfort … Read More

Stanley 42

Perfect accommodations, great handling

The Stanley 42 evolved as a “just the right size” compromise that involved “stretching” a Stanley 39. In 2007, we were contacted by a summer family attracted to the Stanley style. The 39, though, was too small for the accommodation package they envisioned. Our 44 was too large for their handling requirements, so we “fused” the two … Read More

Stanley 44

A Gulf of Maine classic, fully customizable down below

The Stanley 44 was designed to provide ample room for different design concepts. The boat can comfortably sleep up to seven people. It can have a private head and shower in the owner cabin. Items may be customized during the building process in order to achieve the perfect boat. LOA 44’ 7” LWL 42’ 3” Beam 14’ 8” Draft … Read More

Williams 28 Bass Boat

A new way to enjoy fishing & cruising.

Our Williams 28 Bass Boat was inspired by an old favorite, the classic Stanley 28. Almost three years after selling their Stanley 36, a couple from Marion, Massachusetts, decided they needed a new way to enjoy fishing and cruising Buzzard’s Bay with their grandchildren. More than satisfied by their experience with the Stanley style and with our … Read More

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