Storage Policy

Winter Yacht Storage Program


  • To provide comprehensive winter care for boat and equipment.
  • To complete all jobs per Customer Work Agreement.
  • To have boat fully ready for season’s use on the Ready Date.
  • To provide timely and informative billing.

In pursuit of these objectives, the following policies have been established:


A written Work Agreement will be established prior to the hauling of each boat for winter storage in order to provide both the Owner and the Yard with a definition of the boat’s winter storage program.

  • The Work Agreement will specify:
  • The jobs to be accomplished during the storage period.
  • The Spring Ready Date (date the boat is to be ready for Owner’s use).
  • Any variation in standard decommissioning and commissioning schedules.
  • Requests for additional work may be added to this Agreement until January 31.  After this time, the Yard will accept requests only, if the schedule allows so or the Owner agrees to overtime work.  Any such work and negotiations are to be recorded in the Work Agreement.
  • Each boat will be decommissioned and commissioned on a time-and-material basis per standard procedure, unless particular changes are requested on the Work Agreement and agreed to by the Yard.
  • The Ready Date can be freely altered until January 31, after which changes must be negotiated and are to be recorded in the Work Agreement.


  1. The basic winter storage billing (i.e. boat length x storage rate) will be issued at the time of hauling and is to be paid when presented. 
  • The additional billing for decommissioning labor and other storage charges will follow when the boat is secure for the winter.
  • Any additional winter work will be billed upon completion.  However, the owner will be asked for installments on such work if the total balance exceeds $5,000.
  • The bill for commissioning labor will be presented before the boat’s departure from the yard and is due immediately, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Accounts over sixty days will suspend work and release the Yard of any obligation to the Work Agreement.
  • Whenever there is concern about any billing matter, Owners are strongly urged to contact the Yard to resolve the situation.


All of these items will be accomplished where applicable unless otherwise recorded in the Work Agreement.


  • Pressure wash/scrub bottom clean
  • Remove garboard drain plug
  • Ventilate below deck
  • Check that cockpit drains are functional
  • Frame and cover with shrinkwrap if outside storage
  • Examine safety equipment
  • Remove freezable items (canned food, water jugs, soda, etc.)
  • Clean boat, inventory and stow gear


  • Anti-freeze drains and toilet system(s)
  • Flush holding tank
  • Drain and anti-freeze (non-toxic) potable water system
  • Check ice-box (and drain), dry
  • Check bilge, dry and add anti-freeze where necessary
  • Check bilge pumps, dry or purge with anti-freeze
  • Check air conditioners, water makers, heating
  • Check hydraulics, drain/refill if necessary
  • Check electronics, VHF output


  • Examine engine, controls, transmission and instruments for defects
  • Change lube oil and filter(s), check oil pressure
  • Anti-freeze fresh water cooling to -30°F
  • Anti-freeze salt water cooling and exhaust to -30°F
  • Add fuel treatment and run through engine
  • Top off fuel tanks, shut off fuel
  • Check stuffing box
  • Check batteries, charge and remove  to storage if required

RIGGING / Sails / Misc. gear

  • Remove sails, dodger, bimini, misc. gear for storage
  • Unhook mast wires
  • Remove masts and furlers, secure/stow rigging, move to storage
  • Store boom on deck
  • Stow antenna(s) below deck
  • Examine rigging for defects
  • Check windlass
  • Service winches


  • Remove, winterize, store outboard motor
  • Haul, inspect, clean, store tender


Defects found in the above decommissioning procedure will be brought to the Owner’s attention for possible addition to the Work Agreement.



  • Remove, recycle shrinkwrap, remove framing
  • Paint bottom
  • Replace garboard drain plug with anti-seize compound
  • Soak boat if wooden hull
  • Polish and wax all exterior bare fiberglass surfaces
  • Clean and organize below deck and topside


  • Flush and fill potable water system, change filter(s), ensure functional
  • Ensure toilet system(s) are functional
  • Ensure bilge pump(s) are functional
  • Bench test repaired electronics, reinstall
  • Ensure proper operation of all electronics after installation and launching


  • Change/clean fuel filter(s)
  • Tune up (gasoline engine), incl. new points, plugs, condenser
  • Ensure proper lube oil level
  • Ensure proper transmission fluid level
  • Ensure engine, transmission, instruments functional
  • Install batteries

RIGGING / Sails / misc. gear

  • Install antenna(s)
  • Ensure mast electronics are functional
  • Step mast
  • Tune standing rigging
  • Apply chafe tape
  • Set up running rigging
  • Ensure lifelines are secure
  • Wash and repair sails, dodger etc.
  • Stow sails aboard
  • Bend sail(s) on boom(s) and cover
  • Install dodger, bimini, misc. gear


  • Ensure outboard motor is functional
  • Change zincs
  • Ensure all navigational and illumination lighting is functional
  • Boat to be ready with tender on our mooring

Note:  Repairs necessary to accomplish the above will be performed without consultation with the Owner except where judged to be of significant cost. The same applies to repairs concerning the boat’s safety.

The Yard will not be obligated to fulfill an above item by the Ready Date where it is found that the condition of equipment is in serious disrepair and such work was not previously requested or authorized.



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