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Aloha from Hawaii

The Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Hawaiian voyaging canoe HOKULE’A, pictured above sailing off Diamond Head, Honolulu, will undertake the challenge of an up and coming World Wide Voyage in 2013. A preliminary interisland sail this July will initiate the WW Voyage and consummate PVS’s 37 years in existence fostering their vision to recognize “Hawaii as our special Island home, a place where people, land, and sea are cared for and communities are healthy and safe.” The first leg of the voyage takes HOKULE’A to Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga. Click here for more

Meet the Crew

John Fernandez, Production Foreman
I first started building boats for the Lee S. Wilbur Co. in Southwest Harbor. Many of his early boats were lobster boats, long liners and draggers back in the 80s when fishing was good. Eventually we went into building pleasure yachts for notable clients like Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. I did work for two years at the Hinckley Company before returning to Wilbur to manage the production of a 61’ yacht for Betty Noyes, the most memorable boat I have ever been a part of.
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Stanley 36 Refit

We were approached last winter by a customer who was looking for a Stanley 36 he could take his family cruising on. After some searching we located Ursa, a 2006 ST-36, in the great lakes and had her trucked back to our yard on Mt. Desert Island. Click here for more

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In The Spirit of Community Support

Over the years we have been asked to conduct tours through the boat yard and our operation for school children, historic societies and other interested organizations. The yard has a fascinating background derived from its thriving granite quarrying days dating from the late 1800s and intermittently up until the mid-1950s. The prominent granite quarry sites along the Maine coast located on the western shore of Somes Sound between the mountains of Mount Desert Island. Somes Sound is reputed to be the only natural fjord in the United States.

On two August evenings last summer the yard provided our facilities for charitable funds raising events consisting of dinner and entertainment in support of two local organizations, namely, Lobsters on the Sound sponsored by the Harbor House in Southwest Harbor and An Evening Under the Stars hosted by Summer Festival of the Arts, also in Southwest Harbor. Both events were very enjoyable and achieved their anticipated social and financial expectations. The Harbor House event was attended by over three hundred and fifty people. It was nice that we could comfortably accommodate such a large crowd. We feel fortunate to be part of such a special and dynamic community here on Mount Desert Island and are eager to continue being a part of it in the future.

Postcard from Hawaii

Hawaiians are an aquatic people. The ocean is a reverent place for them and a huge part of their culture. They fish for a living and for fun, they surf the waves on surf boards, boogie boards, standup paddle boards, wind surfing and kite surfing boards. They just enjoy swimming and being near and in the ocean. Click here for more


In the fall of 2009 John “Jock” Williams was asked by the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) in Hawaii what he thought about building some new, longer iakos for their traditional Hawaiian canoe Hokule’a. An iako is one of the eight beams which span the two hulls of the canoe. Click here for more

Meet the Crew

Brian Murphy, Service Mechanic & Electrical Technician
Brian started building boats in 1980 at Ocean Cruising Yachts on Mount Desert Island, spent six years at Wilbur Yachts in Southwest Harbor, and sixteen years at Hinckley Yachts in the Service Department before coming to John Williams Boat Company in 2004.
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Launching of MAISIE McGOO, a Stanley 38

John Williams Boat Company is excited to announce the launching of MAISIE McGOO, a Stanley 38. A traditional launching ceremony took place on Saturday, June 27th at 1:30pm.

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Trumpa, Hull 1 of the new Williams 28 Bass Boat Launched

To celebrate the completion of hull 1 of the new Williams 28 Trumpa, John Williams Boat Company hosted a launching party at the Hall Quarry, Maine yard for the crew and owners of Trumpa on Monday June 23, 2008. Click here for more

Two New Designs From John Williams Boat Company

Jock Williams is pleased to present two new designs. The first, the Williams 28 Bass Boat, is a new take on the Stanley 28, an old favorite. The second, the new Stanley 42 fits beautifully in between the Stanley 39 and the Stanley 44. As is often the case with this small semi-custom builder, the genesis of both projects came from owners with specific needs in mind. Click here for more

Williams Newsletter

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Meet The Crew

Eric Sandberg, a finish carpenter at JWBC for the last 11 years, has been in the marine industry for over 34 years. Click here for more

Lyford Stanley

John Williams Boat Company honors memory of designer Lyford Stanley.

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Job Openings

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Launch of SURVIVOR Stanley 36
John “Jock” Williams and the crew of John Williams Boat Company are pleased to announce the launching of SURVIVOR, a Stanley 36.

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Boat Shows

Can't make it to Maine, then come see us at the following boatshows!

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